Cooperation Agreement of Kometos LTD Finland with FMIC

Cooperation Agreement of Kometos LTD Finland with FMIC

In early 2018 Kometos LTD of Finland signed their first cooperation agreement with FMIC for the sales, marketing and servicing of Finnmodules, Finncold and Finntray products.

FMIC was set to deliver the very first Kometos Finncold thawing module to one of its prestigious clients in the Philippines. This marked the beginning venture of Finnmodule, Finncold, and Finntray into the Southeast Asian market sparked by FMIC’s eye for quality European products.

Kometos is the industry leader in modular facilities. Their products range from modular production facilities to modular thawing, stiffening and freezing systems for the food industry.

By presenting the newest and most innovative equipment from around the world, FMIC continues its pursuit to provide the best quality products, services, and solutions for the food and beverage industry.

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